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Lapsed Final Fantasy 14 players get four days free

Maintaining a subscription-based MMO these days seems like an awful lot of work. Many fall in love with their worlds, but who has the time to make a job of the grind to justify that monthly expense? I swear we all used to, but at peak Warcraft mum was still cooking my dinners, so I can’t really talk about responsibility. If you had a fleeting affair with Final Fantasy 14’s Eorzea, Square Enix is out to tempt you back with four days free at any point this month.


The offer is only valid for past subscribers, and it’s important to note that it’s four calendar days from the date on which you first login and not four days of playtime. The latter is a tad unclear on the ffxiv gil website which claims you get 96 free hours, but that won’t happen without intravenous caffeine.


Be warned: if you’re still logged in when that 96 hours is up, the terms and conditions state that you will be “forcibly logged out”. Who can say what that entails, but I’d advise investing in a good solid deadbolt for the front door.

Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward of FFXIV A Realm Reborn Makes Public Soon

Buy FFXIV Gil at you will experience a professional buying here. There are millions of subscribers along with an ever-developing world of content to discover. Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn has hit the bigger MMO community and it does not display any signs of conceding. It is a matter of fact; Square Enix disclosed that the impending expansion, Heavensward is to debut on 23 June this year. This expansion is to introduce the massive new zones, three new jobs, flying mounts along with more to the astounding Eorzean landscape. The gamers can consider buy cheap FFXIV Gil to eradicate the mental stress and save time in grinding Gil. Gil is the in-game currency of FFXIV ARR and FFXIV Heavensward.

Heavensward is pledged to append an unbelievable amount of new content to Final Fantasy XIV. However, Yoshida indicates that none of the FFXIV team members is devoted to function solely over this new expansion. During the time of development of Heavensward, the team has also been functioning to realize the new content into the current experience of FFXIV. This includes the fan-favored Gold Saucer along with Triple Triad. It is entirely characterized deck-building card game, it recaptures Final Fantasy VIII, and it can be played all through Eorzea with NPCs along with the other similar players. The consideration of pushing Gold Saucer back to Heavensward was in the mind of the developer. The decision was a conscious one to append much new content. It includes Gold Saucer, near the conclusion of the FFXIV 2.X storyline to make certain as the gamers have many things to deal with unless Heavensward releases. Buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil online now to shine the gameplay of Final Fantasy XIV.

Gold Saucer was always the segment of the 2.X roadmap. This one was also the segment of A Realm Reborn as asserted by Yoshida. There are the huge zones in Final Fantasy XIV. They are sketched to suit within 2KM by 2KM boundaries. There are new scenarios to think that Heavensward is to introduce the flying mounts for the first time. The flying mounts are to have the gamer around approximately for three times and it is faster than the ground-depended mounts. The team of Yoshida is confirming to integrate the astounding elements and discoveries within each zone to make the players discovering continuously. Yoshida guesses that there would be around 1.5 times as most of the zone to be discovered in new areas of Heavensward.

There would be new few zones and these would be concluded, as there is the traversable zone in Heavensward at release like it occurs in a Realm Reborn. Final Fantasy XI recently rejoiced the milestone of four millions registered accounts. However, the success is not altering the plans of team. The number of the subscription does not appropriately affect the development of the game. However, the number of individuals can get into a specific zone or there is restricted server as asserted by Yoshida. The existing players can opt to procure the safe FFXI Gil to accelerate the game play of FFXI Heavensward when it makes public.

Enhanced Framework & New Components for FFXIV Alexander Dispatch July 21

FFXIV Alexander Savafe assault will be accessible next Tuesday, July 21, 2015. Before the launch of the new raid, Square Enix has made a hotfix to aim for the best balance and stability, as well as the implementation of an exploit. The previous Safewow post has given you a preview of this new raid dungeon and Mac version FFXIV updates already. At offer more and more cheapest ffxiv gil.

Hotfix for exploit issue and Alexander Savege raid

It was reported that there was an exploit related to currency so that it was significant enough to warrant a rarely encountered emergency maintenance during primetime. Now, the servers have come back up early.

Except for currency related exploit, the upcoming of Alexander Savege raid should be another main factor to bring into that abrupt hotfix. As we all know, this new FFXIV raid will be coming next Tuesday, along with a 3.05 patch, which will buff currently underperforming jobs.


New features in Alexander raid

Some people worry about that Alexander might split the community up even more than Coil if Savage Alexander is toted as harder than Savage Coil.

1. It will require eight players of level 60 to participate in Alexander.

2. Players that haven’t completed The Binding Coil of Bahamut will still get to participate in the upcoming raid.

3. Two weeks after Tuesday, Square Enix will add Alexander Savage mode, in addition to a new Frontline area and the Allagan Tomestones of Esoterics.


Final Fantasy FFXIV patch 3.05 and Alexander Savage are just in the corner. Don’t you want to experience all these amazing updates in FFXIV? Never worry about final fantasy xiv gil, and you can cheap ff14 gil from Safewow with 15-minute delivery.