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What happens to LEG? The most important point is that in the “war” and other equipment

What happens to LEG? The most important point is that in the “war” and other equipment to upgrade to 5:00 at the same time, “war” after the same probability to continue to get equipment to upgrade, and this upgrade is no upper limit , (Click to buy wow gold,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)
you can infinitely superimposed. In addition, from the world mission reward to the epic difficult to the equipment, PvP’s elite equipment, are equally enjoy this treatment. Blizzard is also intimate for the additional upgrade of not less than 15 points equipment and other equipment added a European emblem ” Titan creation “. In theory, any one can get the equipment (space roaming fall, except for illusion items), have a chance to directly upgrade to the current version of the equipment and other cap.
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  Needless to say, in MMORPG such games, players are eager to see their role slowly become stronger, like upgrading, access to new skills and get better equipment will undoubtedly give a kind of satisfaction, a sense of accomplishment and so on Positive emotions, including pleasure, which is one of the main source of the game power . In the past, because of the ability, time and other objective factors can not participate in a higher level of game content (such as epic difficult team copy of land reclamation, or high segment of the arena , rating battlefield) players, equipment level After a certain stage, it will find it very difficult to upgrade the equipment. Because access to equipment is a fixed way, the level of equipment obtained by the existence of the number of randomness, or even no randomness. In this environment, the player can clearly know what kind of equipment to participate in a certain content, and obviously the only way to get the equipment upgrade is to participate in the “higher level” content . This explains to some extent why the enthusiasm of the player will slow down after the early freshness of the version.
  Therefore, in order to reduce the version of the late players in the loss , Blizzard launched the so-called “Titan creation” mechanism. This means that Blizzard that the previous “war” in this area is not good enough to do. First of all for those who are not so keen on participating in the activities of the players, “war” itself is not common; secondly, for a lower basic level of equipment, just “war” and not so considerable upgrade. They still feel “inferior” compared to those who have made some progress in the most difficult group because they have never had the chance to get this level of equipment. So we can see that in the LEG, Blizzard broadened the “upgrade equipment” access channel – the world task, gambling, big secret, PvP awards are included. I suspect that Blizzard’s intention is to make the “protection and incentive mechanism” mentioned above not only have a more significant role, but also become a mechanism for all players are applicable. As the designer has given the explanation, “Titan” and “orange” design intent is similar, can provide players with “surprise” and “power” .
  At first glance, “Titan creation” not only take care of the feelings of high-end players – because they get the equipment installed on the basis of higher, easier Titan to the high level, but also to the general player’s gaming experience has been rising, not only for The game adds to the fun, but also to ordinary players also have access to high-level equipment possible. But is that really the case?(welcome to to buy best?wow gold?site, all the product will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

Albion Online Winter Alpha Opens For All With Alpha Access

Paid for at least the Epic Founder’s Pack for Albion Online and Albion online gold? Now you can jump in!

Now that those who paid $99.95 have had their exclusive day of access, anyone who has paid at for at least the Epic Founder’s Pack tier for Albion Online now has access to the game’s Winter alpha. Featuring the new farming system, a new world, bigger than the last, and an expansion to guild versus guild gameplay, the Winter alpha wants to make a lasting impression on new players and those who played last fall, alike.

If you don’t have alpha access to this up and coming sandbox MMORPG, fear not. You can get access by paying $49.95, or more, for a Founder’s Pack at the link above or you can have a chance at getting in free by entering a giveaway that the developers are doing via Facebook. Be quick, though. It ends soon!

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What do the letters in brackets beside a player’s guild name mean?

I see a [GA] [GODS], [KEK], etc beside the guild name of some players. I’ve noticed that some of them are in different guilds but have the same letters in brackets. What do the letters in-between brackets mean?

The letters beside the guild name in brackets is the alliance that they’re in. That’s why you may see two different characters in two different guild with the same letters in brackets!


How long does it take for resources to respawn?

It seems like they take forever! Has anyone waited around to see how long it takes them to respawn?

I don’t know about anything greater than T4, but here are the average respawn times:

T1: 2-5 minutes

T2: 5-10 minites

T3 10-20 minutes

T4: 15-25 minutes

It doesn’t seem like they have exact times. I wrote down the time I harvested a few T4 trees and they all respawned pretty far away from eachother.


Where do I get the broken armor/weapon fragments for Trophies?

I’ve been playing quite a while and I can’t seem to find any of the mats that look like broken armor/weapon. Does anyone know where I can find this?

They are rare drops from humanoid mobs.Cheap albion online gold for sale at MOBXE.COM

Celebrate FFXIV accounts surpassing four Million with FFXIV gil

According to the announcement of Square Enix, there is a milestone for Final Fantasy XIV. What is the milestone for Final Fantasy XIV? It is that the registered accounts of Final Fantasy XIV surpass four million. To celebrate this new milestone in FFXIV, currently free login in the game is provided by Square Enix for all Final Fantasy XIV players. In addition, this celebration is starting from February 2th, 2015 to March 9th, 2015. It means that ffxiv is free-to-play for gamers in these two weeks. Meanwhile, FFXIV Gil for sale can be gained at

During this time, only Final Fantasy XIV players, who have previously purchased and registered Final Fantasy XIV, are able to enter into the free login campaign. Moreover, the free login campaign is going to set as inactive during the event.

Four million people have subscribed to Final Fantasy XIV, but it is unknown that how many active paying accounts are included in the four million people. Compared to the world most famous MMORPG, World of Warcraft once hit over 10 million subscribers when Warlords of Draenor launched. Final Fantasy XIV cannot catch up with WoW. However, it is amazing for FFXIV to gain this milestone.