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The key stock market stable after the financial

Chinese Vice Finance Minister cheap tera gold local time in London,cheap tera gold said China’s stock market stabilization policy in the right direction, the current round of stock market turmoil has been basically completed.
Zhu also appealed to China’s economic development continues to maintain confidence, China’s second-quarter gross domestic product (GDP) grew by 7%, this data is serious,buy tera gold realistic.
Has the goal to stabilize the stock market, the key is how to quit
According to the Phoenix reported that Zhu who attended the Steering Committee meeting of the Financial Stability Council in London, the parties to the participants on China’s policy measures to deal with the effect of Chinese stock market volatility taken and made.
Zhu in an interview that the Chinese stock market a sharp correction is a normal phenomenon, mainly due to a sharp rise in the stock market itself after facing natural pullback pressure, on the other hand the development of China’s stock market is not mature, high leverage market financing.
Zhu believes that the Chinese government in this case, referring to the experience of Britain and other countries to intervene timely action, intensity appropriate to stop the market panic has reached a stable target market.
Zhu said, “at the technical level, we can say that so far, this round of turmoil has basically ended, but the challenge is not over. The key stock market stable after the financial regulators how to take the next steps, including interventions exit, the effects of short-term and long-term considerations of institutional arrangements, including how to prevent moral hazard and strengthening stock market risk education and so on. However, we have full confidence in China’s stock market will be healthy development. ”
According to Reuters, cheap tera gold 18 interview at the Chinese Embassy in London, also said China’s stock market regulators current mismatch occurs, China must learn from the stock market crash.
Zhu stressed that given the level of market volatility, the interventions made by China in order to stabilize the market are reasonable approach. We will assess the current situation, in order to help develop policies to deal with any possible future market turmoil.
Reuters article said that although Zhu did not disclose more about future policy, but some investors think it will be market reforms and move towards a market-oriented economy, rather than short-term measures like limiting the reduction of the class.
Mid-June to early July, a rare Chinese stock market plummeted quickly, the Shanghai Composite Index fell over 1,000 points, stocks hit by lower limit. Intensive introduction of a series of measures to safeguard stability regulators stock market: including the suspension of issuing new shares, restrictions on executive holdings, inject margin companies.

How Do You Think It Exposed A Lot Of Problems ?

Liverpool in the Champions League defeat to Real Madrid, but the team midfielder Sterling on the sidelines of the trouble.Would you like to know something new with regards to the fifa 15 coins ? Then come to internet site to have the lattest innformation about the low-cost fifa 15 ultimate team coins.Have a good time !Earlier before the England team away Estonia, Liverpool teenager unexpectedly to Huo Tai Gong said he “too tired”, escape from the starting line-up and by the media condemn both in speech and in writing.

It is reported, the Reds star in the international match day after the game did not report directly to Liverpool, but went straight back to her home in London, the end of the game second days, Stirling namely with a small partner Welbeck and Chamberlain, made the Carnaby street near the luxurious nightclub carnival. Three men were photographed in the nightclub played quite enjoy, Stirling also shows no trace of fatigue. The nightclub recreation continued until 3 a.m., a few talents enough farewell. Sterling after the international matches the club circuit by exposure.

It seems that Juventus striker will undoubtedly become the 3 lines among the weakest link. In addition to Tevez, no one can score goals, it has become the most difficult problem for Allegri. In the winter transfer period, Marotta seems needed to take action, after all, a Tevez could not support a season, he also needs a good helper.Juventus this season set Vucinic and Quagliarella, the introduction of more morata and Cole.You could possibly are trying to find the fifa 15 coins,and you are always welcome to our website to get the fifa 15 ultimate team coins.Unfortunately, “too tired” Sterling eventually was hit in the face, did not escape the British media “Daily Mail” get to the bottom of, be exposed a lot of problems.

But so far, in addition to Tevez scored 8 goals, morata scored 1 goals, the other strikers are also does not have the goal, this is indeed a collapse. But it should be said that only 2 of 3 games lost the ball, so the results are very good.More than that, because the day before the play too hjgh, training on Tuesday Sterling or by Jamie Henderson car go, he I probably still drunk. And in a Stirling in England team moods, the Liverpool manager Rodgers also endorsed the favorite. He strongly worded pointed out that Sterling did not reject the validity for the three lions, he just the body too tired. Now it seems that the Reds just concentrate on other places.

Sinclair not nominated for FIFA player of the year

Sinclair not nominated for FIFA player of the year

Despite a fantastic Olympic performance, Canadian women’s soccer sensation Christine Sinclair of Burnaby, British Columbia has not been nominated for the FIFA women’s player of the year award.

According to the Canadian Press, the three players announced on the ballot on Thursday were Americans Abby Wambach and Alex Morgan as well as Brazil’s Marta.

Canadian head coach John Herdman called the decision “a travesty”. Sinclair set an Olympic record with six goals in leading Canada to a bronze medal at the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

Sinclair’s omission however should come as no complete surprise. She made some negative comments after Canada’s controversial 4 3 semi final loss to the United States at the 2012 Olympic Games in London and was suspended for four games for “displaying unsporting behaviour towards match officials after the match” according to Sean Fitz Gerald of the National Post.

However, even though Sinclair has been left off the FIFA ballot, she is a definite contender for the 2012 Bobbie Rosenfeld Award as Canada’s top female athlete of the year. At the present time it is a toss up between Sinclair and Rosannagh MacLennan of King City, Ontario, who won the Olympic gold medal in women’s trampoline.