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Should Third World Countries Host International Sporting Events

Should Third World Countries Host International Sporting Events

COMMENTARY The votes shocked the world. Long considered the front runner for the 2016 Olympics, Chicago found itself finishing fourth among the finalists, the result of tactical voting against what was considered the front runner in the competition to host the Olympics.

Then Tokyo was eliminated, followed by Madrid. There were all sorts of euphoric eruptions as Rio de Janeiro was nominated as the site. Even Republicans joined in the cheering, as it provided a slap in the face to the city with so many connections to Barack Obama.

Now, nobody seems to be cheering decisions to award the Olympics to non proven sites. A recent report issued showed that Brazil is nowhere near ready to host the 2014 World Cup, which it was given. And hosting the 2016 Olympics could be a disaster for the Summer Games, as photos from the critical report showed the cesspool where rowing events would take place.

And that’s not the only problem. Brazil’s frequent blackouts and crime levels are likely to scare off investors and would be tourists hoping to attend the event. Corruption and general government inefficiency have kept promised projects, supposed to be completed or almost ready at this moment, from being even started.

One only has to see the spectacle of Sochi’s 2014 Winter Olympics to see how this could be dangerous. Hideous hotels and laughable lavatories are one thing; but badly injured athletes from dangerous conditions and sparsely attended events are another. The event was supposed to showcase the rebirth of Russia, a second world country. But the games showed that Russia seems unprepared to host any other international event, and may be closer to Third World status than previously believed.

This is not some diatribe against non whites (or I wouldn’t have singled out Russia), or even non Western countries. South Africa seemed to do a decent job of hosting the 2010 Fifa World Cup, even if those vuvuzelas drove us crazy. But there seems to be a major difference between South Africa and the other two countries. And it involves government.

The Republic of South Africa isn’t perfect, but it’s certainly freer than Vladimir Putin’s Russia, where government power goes largely unchecked. And while Brazil may be relatively free, they aren’t necessarily free of corruption. China isn’t free, but has remarkable stability that separates it from its chaotic counterparts, enabling the country to host a relatively successful 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. That can be contrasted with Mexico City, where the brutal massacre of student protesters by the government overshadowed the 1968 contest. At least the country did better with the 1986 World Cup.

I know there’s a desire to open up the selection of Summer and Winter Olympic sites, as well as World Cup sites. But instead of awarding the events based upon sympathy and apology for past slights, one should wait for the country develop before bestowing that honor in the 1988 Summer Olympics and their shared hosting of the 2002 World Cup.

John A. Tures is an professor of political science at LaGrange College in LaGrange, Georgia. I am a political mythbuster of sorts. I write political columns for LaGrange Daily News and Southern Political R. This network uses both exit and country codes for making international calls.

Sacha Kljestan is OUT of USMNT Roster for 2014 FIFA World Cup

Sacha Kljestan is OUT of USMNT Roster for 2014 FIFA World Cup

For 28 year old Sacha Kljestan, this was probably the last opportunity of his lifetime to play in the world’s biggest soccer tournament. players in Europe, and one of only two American participants in last year’s edition of the UEFA Champions League, Sacha Kljestan is not going to Brazil for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

US national team coach Jurgen Klinsmann is scheduled to announce his official training camp roster, a preliminary list of 30 players, tomorrow, but we learned from reliable sources that one player has already been told that he will not receive a call up. national team members, did not have a good game. A poor match against Ukraine wasn’t the only reason why Jurgen Klinsmann scratched the former Chivas USA player.

Sacha Kljestan had an outstanding 2013 fall season in Anderlecht and was playing very well, until an injury in early 2014 cost him his spot in the starting eleven.

Anderlecht is the biggest club in Belgium, and has been a well known brand in Europe for over a century, but is also a big business. Promoting young players is the obvious agenda for all clubs in Belgium, and Anderlecht is no different. Sacha Kljestan lost his spot to Youri Tielemans, who on May 7 turned just 17. Dutch and Belgian clubs are well known for promoting their youngsters earlier, to later sell them to bigger leagues in England, Germany, Spain or France.

The timing of the shift in Anderlecht’s starting eleven by Kosovo native manager Besnik Hasi was the worst possible outcome for Sacha Kljestan, who likely missed his chance to play in the World Cup as a result. Kljestan was a starter under previous coach John van den Brom, but when Hasi took over, he was sent on the bench.

Is no secret that Sacha Kljestan was already mentioned in several discussions as possible candidate to return to MLS. He’s from Huntington Beach, California, and the Los Angeles Galaxy has been already mentioned in several reports as his next club. Kljestan has contract with Anderlecht until 2016, but apparently club gives him OK to leave, and interested clubs wont have to pay transfer fee. Sacha’s family resides in LA area, his brother Gordon Kljestan, already works for the Galaxy as Manager of Amateur Soccer, and his way to Bruce Arena’s team seem to be shorter than to any other MLS clubs.

Injuries or some unexpected situations would change the fortune of Sacha, and Jurgen Klinsmann may call on him in the last moment if needed, but for now Sacha Kljestan is out of the USMNT roster for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Real Salt Lake midfielder Kyle Beckerman looks like the biggest beneficiary of Kljestan’s absence, but he also definitely deserved the call. standards) star midfielders. More about USMNT and 2014 FIFA World Cup on Soccer With Chris

Did Sacha Kljestan deserve the chance to be among the 30 players called? I welcome your comments and opinions below

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Where can i watch FIFA World Cup 2010 France vs Uruguay LIVE stream online

Where can i watch FIFA World Cup 2010 France vs Uruguay LIVE stream online

French side will be kicking off their World Cup Campaign against the North American side Uruguay On 11 June in Cape Town Stadium. Diego Forlan and the company will be looking to go against the odds to beat France in the first match, Although Bookies are favoring France on this one but Raymon Dominch side is not the same as it use to be, They lost to China in the Warm Up match and Qualified for the World cup after a struggling campaign.

Uruguay on the other hand had a good qualifying Round and with the strike partnership of Forlan and Ajax youngster Luiz Suarez who is tauted to be the next transfer target for Manchester Unite, they can upset any team in the World Cup. So this game could go either way, having said that French side need a win desperately to regain their form and more importantly confidence which they have been lacking since the defeat in the hands of Italy in 2008 Euro Final. So predicting a winner of this match is anybody’s guess specially because of the way France have been Playing recently.

Venue: Cape Town StadiumWe are headed by Fifa World Cup 2010 from June 11 to July 11, 2010. A month tournament that we should witness for. The first group will playing is group A. You must check out the Fifa World Cup 2010 Live between Uruguay vs France Live Stream on June 11, 2010 at 14:30pm EDT held at Green Point Stadium, Cape Town.

More fun and excitement will gonna happens here this Friday. Be a part of this tournament and enjoy watching. Who’s team is your beat to win in the Fifa World Cup 2010 during the final game? You only find out the answer if you continue watching matches on scheduled.