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FIFA 18 online club mode update, add the skills tree play

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After the FIFA 18 official online club model for a number of updates, we look at the specific update content, the update only corresponds to PS4, X1 and PC platform.
Competition hall
The new game hall is smoother and more efficient, saving more waiting time. And you can set a good corner kick, free kick and penalty players in advance, but also adjust the player’s style at any time.

Match style
Compared to the previous, after the update will be more flexible. You can set the multiplayer online style, set up to 3 different styles, respectively, corresponding to 3 different locations; or 3 different styles, corresponding to a location, so that you deal with different games.
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Skill tree contains 7 attributes: body, defense, dribbling, passing, shooting, speed and gatekeepers. You can according to their own preferences or the characteristics of the players, to adjust their own, to increase the player’s ability. Skill points is the main way to get more than the game.

Jersey custom
Before the jerseys are updated to the latest, and added 12 new colors, used to customize your exclusive jersey, so you can play their own creativity, design their own jersey. (Click to buy fifa 18 coins xbox one,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

Marotta: never received a quotation from Barcelona on Di Bara _FIFA 18 International Football News

FIFA 18 NEWS Juventus general manager Marotta said in an interview Diabara, he said the team has never received a quotation from Barcelona on Dibala. After the departure of Nei Maer, there are news that Barcelona intends to sign Juventus striker Di Bara. But before the Champions League, Marotta denied the news. “We did not receive a quotation from Barcelona about Dibala, and most importantly, we did not sell the idea of ​​Dibala, and we were sure he was willing to continue wearing Juventus’s jersey.” ;(Click to buy fifa 18 coins for sale,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)
We will give him No. 10 jersey, which means that he will shoulder more responsibility, No. 10 jersey in Juventus history has a very important position. Melon handsome: Champions League journey is about to open, I know how difficult this road _FIFA 18 international football news
FIFA 18 NEWS tomorrow morning 2:45, Manchester City will be away to Feyenoord, which is the Blue Moon new season Champions League group match first game, Guardiola attended the press conference before the game. Speaking of the team’s injuries when Edson was with us. Kompany in Manchester. Kompany’s feeling is much better, I do not know when he will return, but he will soon return to the team. Edson was with us and his head was protected. I must talk to him tomorrow. I think that everyone is very professional, showing a high level of competition, when they are healthy, we all want to play the opportunity. The next few weeks we will look at the situation of Kong Pani, but hope he will soon return to his teammates and fight together. Talking about the Champions League match tomorrow is our Champions League group match the first game. In order to enter the Champions League, we have paid a lot of effort, Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United and the gap between us is very small gap. Now, we started our new journey, from my past experience, I know how difficult this road. Hope that we can enjoy the Champions League game, we will be Rotterdam, a very favorite place to start the new season of the Champions League journey. We will not dream day by day, when you are in such a position, it is best to keep calm, when you close to the last few steps, you can say that the dream has been very close, but now everything is still far away from us. Alba: zero seal is the team credit, Messi Suarez are in the back to the defense _FIFA 18 international football news
FIFA 18 NEWS Barcelona 3-0 Juventus after the game, Alba accepted the media interview. For this victory, he said: I am now feeling very good, more confident than in previous years. Faced with such a strong opponent can win is an honor, we have a few games that are very good performance, in a very good state.(Click to buy fifa 18 coins,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)
From the beginning to the end, we have always been focused. Barvade gave us a good idea, and we will be patient and do everything well. ; Should be forgotten Nei Maer, and other people who have left. Those who want to leave are not here, do not think more. What is important is those who stay. Messi He is another history, when he left Barcelona when you can feel. He is the one that is unique. For the team’s zero closure, he said:; we have not lost a ball only the defense line of credit, but the results of the team efforts. Messi and Suarez are finally back in defense. For the management, he said: There was no war between the players and the top. Finally, he said to Messi’s renewal:; Messi has been one million times that he is Barcelona, ​​he hopes to be here for many years. (Click gameusd.comto buy fifa 18 coins ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

Recurrence of Alex Hunter in FIFA 18 this time

FIFA 18 will be to show the second outing of fictional character, Alex Hunter and his profession inside the mode, The Journey: Hunter Returns. This time, gamers can come across a lot of new traits that are to bring the saga of Englishmen within a diverse angle. The tale is split into a saga of six chapters. There’s to not be any restriction of Alex towards the important two divisions of English football. He’s to be moving to the football globe in Season 2. Coin will be the important element of FIFA 18 and playing and overcoming games aid gamer get coins. Coin helps gamer procure the most promising players along with other consumables to produce a superb FIFA 18 team. When coin is scarce gamer can go for fut coins being obtainable at a web based expert gaming residence.

Specifics are nonetheless restricted; however, The Journey: Hunter Returns may emerge to show off an identical-length narrative for the game of final year. It’s such as new personalization traits for Alex. These are hairstyles, clothes pieces and other individuals. Gamer also can figure out a newest cast of imaginary and actual-world names. Furthermore, gamer can discover a leaked video in the current Gamescom convention. It delivers a suggestion of mini FIFA street-based trait that is to be incorporated in the mode. It truly is in all probability even though the Brazilian favelas a part of the saga is always to be going on. Purchase fifa 18 coins
on line to catch the upper hand within the incredibly beginning of your game.

requiring all-time legends in FIFA 18 Icons

FIFA 18 is always to present the Icons of the previous time once again to younger generation. EA Sports have completed their bit this summer through the declaration of some alluring Icons for FIFA 18. These incorporate the specific editions of Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Rio Ferdinand, Diego Maradona, and Thierry Henry. Gamer likes to have much more stars in FIFA 18 Icons throughout the time of releasing FIFA 18 on September.

The Icons are to be Zinedine Zidane, David Beckham, Eric Cantona, or Paul Gascoigne. It appears that it truly is disheartening realization that some young devotees take into consideration Zidane a manager. Alternatively, it is actually bloke with an exceedingly stronger forehead. An issue may be reckoned that Zidane in FIFA could be his shortage of pace. It’s to be forgiven. A single may well in fact like Zidane in FIFA 18 to rotate the way by means of midfield whilst slicing the defenses apart with passes. It removes five players of opposition at a time. The Frenchman should be to be placed in a midfield three and it is subsequent towards the class pair of Mesut Ozil and Andres Iniesta.

An additional player, David Beckham should be to be regarded as. Prior to pondering of football capability of Beckham, a single should be to address the good elephant within the area. Beckham comes out as one of the most adorned for all time amongst English. He could be a major card in FIFA. He produces some gorgeous crosses, totally free kicks or finesses shots.

One more star, Eric Cantona can be incorporated in FIFA 18 Icons. Whilst taking into consideration the legends of Manchester United, Cantona is often one more Icon to become seen in FIFA 18. As soon as FIFA 18 becomes live, gamer can have FIFA Coins from to arrange the very best offered players to make a dream FIFA 18 team.