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The Enemy of Lionel Messi in Argentina 2011 Copa America

The Enemy of Lionel Messi in Argentina 2011 Copa America

The football world has been waiting to see Lionel Messi shine for Argentina in this year Copa America. Unfortunately, Messi was unable to perform magically in the two games that he played against Bolivia and Colombia. The fans were expecting to see the talented Messi doing the same magic that he had done for FC Barcelona of Spain under the maestro Pep Guardiola with Xavi and Iniesta as the full conductors in the midfield. To this point, many fans can’t understand why Messi cannot perform for Argentina as he did for Barcelona. I think it is appropriate for me to offer a point of view on that particular issue.

Actually the main reason is not Messi but the coach, Sergio “El Checho” Batista. Please bear in mind that I have nothing against Batista. Actually, I enjoyed his game when he played for Argentina in the 1986 World Cup wearing the number 2 jersey. He was a fantastic defender and always cool under pressure but this time the pressure is enormous. Tough Batista had won a gold medal for Argentina in the Beijing Olympics, we must give some of the credits to the talented Juan Roman Riquelme who orchestrated the midfield for Argentina and was able to play perfectly with a younger Lionel Messi. Unfortunately this time, there’s no Riquelme to send a through ball to the talented Messi. Unless one is Diego Armando Maradona, thre’s no way that one player can win everything. It is 11 against 11 not 1 against 11. Messi is not the Messiah for Argentina but he can create something out of nothing to crush the opponent. Messi should not be responsible for Batista’s failure to assemble an Argentina’s team that contains some of the world’s best footballers.

For example, Batista kept saying that Argentina need to play like FC Barcelona. He failed to understand that Argentina need to play like Argentina. The people are expecting their national team to have its own identity. In the 1978 World Cup, the world has witnessed the Argentina of Cesar Luis Menotti conducted by the talented Mario Alberto Kempes. In the1986 World Cup, the fans of the round ball have witnessed the Argentina of Carlos Bilardo orchestrated by the greatest player ever, Diego Armanado Maradona. In 1998, the spectators of the most beautiful sport in the world, have witnessed the Argentina of Daniel “el Kaiser” Alberto Passarella under the direction of Juan Sebastian Veron. 2002, Marcelo “el Coco’ Bielsa had Argentina’s best squad but only to bail out in the first round. in 2006, Jose Nestor Pekerman brought the beautiful football back for Argentina under the baton of the great Juan Roman Riquelme only to fail against Germany in the quarter finals. Finally, we can’t forget the Argentina of 2010 under Diego ” Dieguito” Armando Maradona armed with the worlds’ best footballer, Lionel Messi who was denied by the talented German national team. But again, the question is what is the imprint of Batista on Argentina?

Argentina is not a football club. It is a national team. The country has the world’s best player at this time. Batista must find his own identity to bring prestige back to Argentina’s football that fans all over the world have been waiting to see. So far, we have seen a confused Batistua with a confused team in the 2011 Copa America. He is sinking Messi into a deep hole. He continues to destroy Messi’s confidence by not exploiting the strengths of the the talented player of FC Barcelona.

For example, why playing in the midfield with Banega, Mascherano and Cambiasso who are not creative but defensive midfielders. Another point, Batista keeps saying, he wants Tevez to play like a central striker but he puts Tevez on the left wing. Batista also said that Messi should be his striker between the two central defenders but Messi can’t get the ball and has to go all the way to the midfield to get it and wastes all his energy by the time three or four opponents collapse on him. As you can see, the coach of Argentina is extremely confused on putting the team together.

In order for Argentina to have a chance in this Copa America, Batista must change his tactics. And most coaches tend to die with their tactics, and I hope that Batista is not one of them. If he is one of them, he will be seen as the ennemy of Lionel Messi and the cause for Messi’s lackluster performance. It is not about making Argentina like FC Barcelona but it is about finding the true DNA of the Albiceleste.

Finally, Batista will have an opportunity to redeem himself on July 11 in front of Costa Rica. He must change the lineup by revamping the defense, the midfield, and the attacking front. My recommendation for him is to put the talented Javier “El Flaco” Pastore in the midfied behind the best of the world, Lionel Messi. Up front, Batistua needs to put Gonzalo Higuain and relegate the erratic Lavezzi to the bench. There is no time for speculation. The time is now and the whole world is waiting to enjoy the magnificent football of Lionel Messi. Can Bastita find the pieces to exploit the greatness of the talented Messi or will he continue to be the ennemy of Lionel Messi? We’ll find out on July 11 against Costa Rica under the direction of Ricardo “El bigoton” Lavolpe, the reserve goalie for Argentina in the 1986 FIFA World Cup in Mexico.

Until next time.

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International Soccer Needs Replay

International Soccer Needs Replay

It seems like every other match up in the 2010 World Cup has instigated controversy. From offside calls to discounted goals, teams are beginning to lose their impatience from the unstable officiating. Could anything be more horrific than the officiating blunders that are damaging the integrity of the 2010 World Cup? The way FIFA is handling it.

FIFA shows they’d rather hide their mistakes

In the 2010 World Cup contest between Argentina and Mexico, Argentina scored a goal as their player, Carlos Tevez, was offsides. The official missed the infraction, and the goal served as the momentum swifter in Argentina’s 3 1 victory over Mexico.

Mexico was livid with officials after they saw the replay on the stadiums. They protested with officials over the miscall, but their arguments were in vain; Argentina took the opening lead and Mexico let frustration get to them.

What was FIFA’s immediate response to the traveshamockery? so fans are restricted from viewing bad calls during games. Apparently, this will prevent more player disputes on inaccurate calls.

So instead of telling people how you’re going to fix the error, you tell them about how you need to cover it up? Wow.

Apparently, FIFA loves corrupt officiating

FIFA’s nonchalant stance on the poor officiating and their resistance to incorporate video replay into international soccer has put an increasingly bad wound on international soccer’s integrity. It’s becoming obvious that FIFA uses the officiating to their advantage. As the saying goes, “All publicity is good publicity,” and the corruption has the entire world talking.

Why FIFA needs video replay

In a sport where one goal can dictate a game’s outcome, video replay’s presence is more critical in soccer than any other sport. One miscue can turn a 0 0 game into 1 0. The hardest thing in soccer is scoring goals; mistakes must be kept at a minimum. FIFA may be getting more viewers in the short term, but their jeopardizing the long term health of their sport with each irrefutable mistake that occurs deeper into the World Cup.

Video replay would offset the amount of miscalls that lead to illegal scores. Video replay could also eliminate some of the baffling flopping penalties, including the bizarre red card that was given to Brazil’s Kaka during group play of the World Cup. Giving coaches one or two challenges a game would create a more legitimate competition. International soccer matches could just add time at the end of the match for how long replay takes. At the least, the World Cup and other international soccer leagues should establish some forms of video replay by 2014.

The most exciting fifa world cup ever

Most of the traditional FIFA World Cup, first round of group stage matches are often not particularly exciting, but the World Cup of this year has broken this stereotype,this year, the World Cup 16 games in the first round, but scored a total of 49 goals, the highest since the World Cup expanded finals circle to 32 teams. In 16 games, victory, reversion, emerging in endlessly, and let the audience had enough eye addiction. And let gamers of fifa14 more passionate and confidence in buy fifa 14 coins then. We are waiting for the top ranking of the fifa game.
The first round of the group stage is very exciting. Overall, this year’s World Cup should be said to play a very open, especially on offense, so many balls into the individual performances are 0:0 Most screenings are three more balls over the audience like this. .. game, play more attacking play more open the second, also on FIFA to grasp a rule, contributed to the current situation. should now be said to be very protective of the offensive players, the players inside the offensive zone, If you want to be violated other words, there are sliding action, ah, ah hit the hands, which are very strict sentence, after so so, the number on a lot of goals, goals and more fans will be more attractive, more appealing to the audience from the whole a tactical point of view it changes, teams are beginning to focus more on the defensive front as a whole after the formation pressure, velocity grab the ball back soon after, the entire race pace will lift up.
For referee problems critics was offered by the FIFA 14 coins referee card to determine, basically felt the referee’s performance is quite normal. The end of the first round, 32 teams were also completed a debut, talking about the overall impression of the first round, From my personal feeling, relatively little outstanding performance in Germany, Netherlands, South America Chilean team, there should also be a team in Mexico, has its own characteristics. Brazil state does not adjust up, Argentina is also slowly heat, Argentina in the second round, I feel there is a very good performance, I think it is also good in Italy This year there is a particularly interesting phenomenon, past performance of the European team to South America are generally, of course, now did not hit last year, but you look at a few European teams to have played well after that, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands are good, may’m looking forward to break the curse. After six years of Glenealy three national championship teams in the World Cup opener in Spain which lost to the Dutch team, second-round loss to Chile, Brazil World Cup team became the first team to be eliminated. From the world of the King to the team eliminated the Spanish team to pass the ball dominated the play is also beginning to be questioned parties, Zhu expressed, the Spanish team’s style of play is still advanced, but this play requires speed. The Spanish team, the poor performance of the Japanese team, two factors tactics and state has now also in the study of the world, after the Spanish team to take the championship, we are working on his game then. physical condition, the state of his own team spot and so determines the outcome of the race from Spain as a whole, they also feel that this is in accordance with the situation if the ball is now so steady, it is likely to be other restrictions to live. If you can control the ball on the basis of speed, accelerate the speed of the game, when a through ball found the gap, diagonal pass, breaking ball, the game fifa 14 coins is also the same case. Keeping fighting.