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How to Do a bold Germany FIFA World Cup makeup look

How to Do a bold Germany FIFA World Cup makeup look

“Waka” means “to be lighted” in the African dialect of Swahili, a term designating praise and being in the spotlight. What a perfect word, then, to name a song about the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Shakira “Waka Waka” is at the top of the charts right now, but the true highlight of the song is watching Shakira belly dance for her music video wearing superlight radiant makeup in various nude tones.

Here a fresh faced, sun kissed natural look ideal for summer, inspired by Shakira makeup in her Waka Waka (Its Time for Africa) music video. Products used: MAC studio fix fluid foundation NW25.

In makeup speak, “going bold” means simply adding a dash of electric blue to your lower lashline or opting for a pale green instead of your usual taupes and golds. But all these “bold” makeup looks are drab and dull compared to the bold makeup look presented in this tutorial.

Using scintillating, eye opening shades like neon yellow, neon purple, and true opaque red, you learn how to create a super bright summer sunset eye makeup look using Sugarpill Cosmetics. One tip, though: Save this look for night because it almost blindingly bright.

Eye makeup doesn have to be super complicated or take half an afternoon to do in order to be bold and beautiful. In fact, there are many ways you can simplify your makeup routine, cut out colors, and save time while still making your eyes pop.

How do you do this, you ask? Well, just take a gander at this makeup tutorial by Petrilude. Using nothing but a bold teal blue shadow, mascara, and eyeliner, Petrilude creates a lovely look that intensifies brown eyes without looking too simple or too over the top.

Lauren, AKA QueenofBlendingMUA has joined the ranks with the other YouTube makeup gurus. Lauren is a makeup artist with a large collection of eye makeup video tutorials. Her eye makeup look span from everyday makeup to creative, more expressive party looks. Check out this makeup tutorial video to learn how to do a white, hot pink, red pink bold eye makeup look.

Final Round FIFA World Cup 2010 Qualifying

Final Round FIFA World Cup 2010 Qualifying

The second phase of qualifying in Africa for the 2010 World Cup is complete. The third and final phase will begin on the March 28, 2009. For the most part, the traditional football powerhouses won through. There few exceptions we Senegal, Angola and Congo, who would have expected to move through to the next round, failed to go through to the next phase. The format is a simple one to get through the last phase of qualifying. 5 groups of 4 teams will play each other home and away. The winner of each group qualifies for the first World Cup played on their home continent. These groups are highly competitive and many teams look equally matched. Here are the groups:

Group A

The first and probably the most competitive group, with traditionally strong and and the emerging Togo set to fight it out. No disrespect to , as they have done very well to get to this stage, but I think they will be over powered with this company. I will go with to qualify, but only just. This group could come down to goal difference to decide the victor, and any only qualifying will surprise me.

Group B

and stand out in this group. The neighboring countries will be the favorites to progress. I think it will come down to any lost points to either or to decide the winner. I feel will get through with their greater firepower up front to get them over the line.

Group C

are the big favorite in this group. They have taken big steps in the last few years with their domestic league and have unearthed some treasures in terms of players recently. The only threat will be , but will have too much for them.

Group D

This is another group with an out and out favorite in “The Black Stars”. has so many great players it will be a big shock if they do not qualify. Only Mali will be any competition for them, but still will qualify easily.

Fifa world cup 2010 world cup odds commences tomorrow between basic safety concerns Movie

FIFA 2010 world cup odds will begin tomorrow in the middle of security fears Online video media

Precisely what does a Fifa world cup Entire world Drink are locked up in each of our nationalized stability?

Down the road the worldwide match which goes by many bands which include FIFA The new year, 2010 world cup odds together with Nigeria This year will become. This launch is going to be unlike every presented on the Africa region previous to, and helps to create considerable safety inquiries simply because this match would be a really beautiful, quality focus on for your terrorist corporation.

No party would be much more within the terrorists crosshairs than the Us all Environment Glass Football team. Is Africa ready for this challenge not wearing running shoes faces? Exactly what sectors of security create the most probability?

As mentioned inside the document “Security issues within the The new year Fifa world cup Globe Pot during To the south Africa”,

“Given a lack of skill associated with Nigeria when controlling a party on this dimensions along with height, as well as appeal that the The new year Earth Cup could most likely have got with regard to terrorists, the condition with basic safety looms massive.Inches

“areas or worry consist of IED’s, staff criminal record checks, the securing associated with go ways, smooth locates which include places to stay, protection of tourists at night security and safety edge, qualifications regarding police force, logistical problems going men and women close to, probable hostage circumstances and using distrustful packages.”