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FIFA mobile introduces more amusements and thrilling to the pitch with the new attacking mode, as there is more accessibility with an innovative controlling method. It makes the gamer play the way the gamer likes. This option for FIFA 17 is now available all through the globe.

the invading mode in FIFA 17

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FIFA 17 won the British first week sales record list

FIFA 17 has been officially on sale in September 27th, and in the power of Britain as a football,” FIFA 17 “sales is very good, winning the British game first week sales, and broke the series in the UK in the record.

According to the results published by the British agency Entertainment GfK, the FIFA 17 than the “FIFA 16” first week sales increased by 18%, and just broke the series of this record. Prior to the first week of the series is the highest sales of the “FIFA 13”. AD: FIFA 17 Accounts and FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Coins PC, XBOX 360, XBOX ONE, PS3, PS4, Android, IOS Service on FIFA14CoinsOk.com.Buy FIFA 17 Coins Fast Delivery and Lowest Prices!

In the first week of the FIFA 17 sales, PS4 version of the game sales accounted for 53%, Xbox version of the game sales accounted for 41%. FIFA 17 ones, is ranked second in the recently released Microsoft racing masterpiece “Forza: Horizon 3”. The same as the football game “live football 2017” is also rounded out the list, ranked sixth. In the first ten games, the newly released game occupies half of the seats. But there are also “rocket” alliance, “destiny” and “GTA5” the sale of the earlier games, declared their unshakable position in the game industry.

The following is the end of October 1st this year, the sale of the game, the UK’s first week sales of the top ten:

1 “FIFA 17”

2 “Forza: Horizon 3”

3 “Lego Star Wars: the awakening”

4 “BioShock heavy plate”

5 “2” host version of UFO

6 “live football 2017”

7 “fate” collection

8 “rocket union”

9 “2K17 NBA”

10 “GTA5”

Apply to technological innovation market

Worldwide program microscopic lense is education program that was widely used in teaching lab and lab. We must know the using knowledge when use universal program microscopic lense unique the purpose and features.




pokerist chips containers precise statistic all kinds of labor part sizing, position, shape and position and line perform part of various parameter. Apply to technological innovation market, precison,mould produce, program and gauge manufature,military market, aerospace and car produce, electron market, nasty and rubberized of calculating room, examination station and college, scientific research institutions. It can have a quality examination and control for machine areas ,measuring program,cutter,clamp.mould,electron component,circuit wafer,pressing plate, nasty and rubberized. Scientific microscopic lense.




1.It with powerful pokerist chips handling application. It can achieve complex statistic, saftware data, CAD interaction and applying.


2.Adopt for transfer perfection visual grating program as calculating element. Having low warm value,slushing,fouling resistant,vibration strength and many advantages.


3.Adopt for semiconductor laser as guide. It used for make sure calculating areas quickly and improved location pictures of performance.


4.The application assumes for electronic picture technology that automatic recognition summarize edge, reducing personal mistake, improving operation performance.


5.It with electronic readout round splitting table and size statistic program,angle and size all are electronic readout that was user-friendly and convenient.


6.The lighting program follow for LED fiber visual illuminator,low warm value, long service life


7.Retain eyepiece visual program as an reliable perspective and it can fast switch.


8.The main pokerist chips lense can deflect left and right, follow for heliciform areas statistic.